Pile of Tiles Connect Mahjong

Pile of Tiles Connect Mahjong online for free. Play games on your mobile and smartphone in full screen.

Pile of Tiles Connect Mahjong – game description online

Mahjong Connect is an innovative version of the popular East Asian board game Mahjong! In Mahjong Connect, it’s up to you to find two matching pieces. But beware – you can only remove these two pieces if you connect with a line that can descend a maximum of two times and no other pieces are in their way!

How to play Pile of Tiles Connect Mahjong full screen

Empty the playing field and the puzzle, which involves twelve difficult levels. However, there is one obstacle: you only have time for each level – while you’re playing, the clock keeps ticking at the bottom of the screen! Beat your own highscore, challenge your friends or family, and improve your perceptions. Mahjong Connect is the ideal brain jogging for every age group. And if you get stuck, you can use the useful hint feature. Play Mahjong Connect for free and enjoy hours of brain-teaser!

Pile of Tiles Connect Mahjong online

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