Mahjong Super Mario

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Mahjong Super Mario – description

If you ever heard of Super Mario as a child just 10-15 years ago, you can call yourself a pretty adult who remembers the very first games on consoles. Now Mario is popular because he has a new wave of fame especially Mahjong games. Need to bring to the end of the level, where he will see a large dragon, which must be destroyed to save the Princess and finish the game. Of course you have to agree that in addition to the last boss in the game, there are many other enemies that will meet on the way to the Princess. Therefore, any bonuses that will be received during the level will be useful.

How to play Mahjong Super Mario on smartphone online

The rules of the game are no different from all other types of Mahjong, so the main task will be to open all similar cards to Super Mario, where the rapid opening of each pair will reward the player with additional bonuses and time. This means that at the right speed you can get additional bonuses and limits that can affect the rescue of the Princess. This type of Mahjong is very well known among older people. As we have said due to the fact that the game itself was popular in the nineties.  Do not forget to ask for advice from the players in the chat, as well as check all their own methods of passing with existing in various forums.

Mahjong Super Mario online

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