Mahjong Remix

Mahjong Remix online for free. Play games on your mobile and smartphone in full screen.

Mahjong Remix game description online

The game is made in the style of the mahjong homeland but translated from Chinese into English. Thanks to this it is easy to understand, all the buttons are standard. Problems can arise only with the instruction. But most players will not need it. Solitaire uses standard mahjong chips. The quality of their performance is not the best, the images on them have a very low resolution, which makes it difficult to distinguish hieroglyphs from each other. The number of chips may vary depending on the layout – in some figures there are less than a hundred, in others – almost 30.

How to play Mahjong Remix full screen

The classic board game takes on a new variety in this cool and challenging online version. Can you pick up pairs for all the mahjong cards after you familiarize yourself with the rules? The necessary cards will need to be connected by no more than three lines passing between each of the small playing fields on the screen. A small mahjong, consisting of 4 levels that you need to go through time and try to write your name on the wall of records. The rules, as always, are simple – remove the same chips in pairs from the playing field so that no more than 3 lines are spent on the path from one chip to another.

Mahjong Remix online

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