Frozen Mahjong

Frozen mahjong online for free. Play games on your mobile and smartphone in full screen.

Frozen Mahjong – game description online

Here is another nice brain game. In Frozen Mahjong you should place all the specified words on the field and use each word only once. There is no clue for this puzzle except the letters in the grid and the length of the words and sentences. Click on a box to activate it. Click on the words in the horizontal and vertical lists to automatically enter them into the active box (if they match).

How to play Frozen Mahjong full screen on smartphone

First a game master is appointed. Everyone rolls both dice, whoever has the highest number becomes the game master. Then the bricks are mixed and built into a wall. Each player creates an equally long two-story wall of 18 × 2 bricks, which are then pushed together in a staggered square. If you go to a bar to play Mahjong, you can benefit from the special Mahjong tables. This is because they have a mixing and stacking function. Very convenient!

Frozen Mahjong online

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