Egypt Mahjong

Egypt Mahjong online for free. Play games on your mobile and smartphone in full screen.

Egypt Mahjong – game description online

Want to feel the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt? Then join the free game. You are waiting for 10 levels with images of huge pyramids, sphinxes, the Nile river and Egyptian temples. This is a classic Mahjong, in which everything will be presented in the style of Egypt. Let’s recall the rules. Find two identical cards and they will disappear from the field. The task is to clear the playing field of all tiles. But you can only walk those cards that are not covered by the upper layer of the knuckles. Solitaire does not imply the chaotic removal of any cards. To end up with a suitable combination to remove the cards, you need to think carefully about the sequence. After all, if you do it wrong, in the end you may be left with one tile with different patterns. Use the mouse to control.

How to play Egypt Mahjong full screen

Each new alignment is a new location, a new stop on the map of their travels. Heroes need to make a serious discovery to prove that they are real scientists. Then they would win the bet and teach Professor Mcmurdock a lesson. Only you can help them in this! You will need to gradually disassemble the multilayer layouts of chips, removing two identical unlocked chips from the field. Start with the top layer, try to first remove such pairs that close the other chips

Egypt Mahjong online

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