Black and white dimensions Mahjong

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Black and white dimensions Mahjong – description online

This game is notable for the fact that there are 2 colors of chips, while in all other games there is only one color – white.

This type of mahjong game is much more complicated than usual, and in order to lower the chips, you need to find 2 identical cards of the same color.

The second series of the original black and white mahjong. No, there are plenty of brightly colored colors in the surroundings, and there are plenty of them on the knuckles themselves, maybe even too much. Why is it black and white? It’s simple: half of the bones are black, half are white. This did not stop the authors from placing multicolored images on the tiles. Moreover, the color of the tile imposes some restriction on its potential pair. Paired knuckles must be of different colors, then they can be played. White with black – the right pair, Black with black or white with white – no!

How to play Black and white dimensions Mahjong full screen

Paired are also:

– Tiles with images of the seasons: winter, autumn, summer, spring.

– Tiles with flowers painted on them.

That is, when disassembling, you can combine winter with summer, for example, or an orchid with a tulip.

A time counter is present, but solely for statistics. In difficult situations you can use the hint.

Black and white dimensions Mahjong online

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